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Frequently Asked Questions


Does Original Joe’s offer any vegetarian menu options?

We offer a variety of vegetarian options which include appetizers, such as the hummus and pita, salads, pizzas and pastas that all cater to a vegetarian diet. We invite you to drop by any of our locations for a taste.


Does Original Joe’s serve takeout?

Most of our locations provide take out service, however not all of our items travel well after they have been prepared. Please contact the store nearest you for more information.




When and where did the first Original Joe’s location start serving customers?

Original Joe’s opened its first location in March 1997 in the Calgary neighbourhood of Marda Loop.


How can I find the address for an Original Joe's in my neighbourhood?

Please refer to the locations page on our website to find the Original Joe's nearest you.


Does Original Joe’s have restaurants in the United States or Internationally?

Currently we only have locations in Western Canada.


What are the hours of operations for Original Joe’s?

Please refer to the locations page on our website to find the hours of operation of the Original Joe's nearest you.


How can I find out about employment opportunities at Original Joe’s?

Check out the career page on our website.


What is Original Joe’s reservation policy?

We do not accept reservations, however if your group is 6 or more please contact us and we'll work hard to accommodate you.


Do all Original Joe’s restaurants serve minors?

We do restrict minors in certain locations. At times to conform to local liquor laws and also because we often have no distinction or division between the restaurant and bar components of our rooms. Please contact the store nearest you for further details.


Does Original Joe’s support local community events?

Original Joe’s is very grassroots focused and each location is proud to work with local businesses and select charities within their communities. Check the Community Cares page for more details.